Here’s How to Personalize Commercial Invoices in Mauju Invoice Management Software



A commercial invoice or commercial invoice is a document that is proof of a sale and purchase transaction for goods/services and can be used as a basis for calculating taxes on these transactions. Nowadays, commercial invoicing has shifted to electronic systems to facilitate transaction sequencing. At Mauju Invoice Pricing, you can create and personalize commercial invoices so that they have the appearance and information that suits your company’s needs. How to? Read more here.

A Glance at the Advantages of e-Invoice Mauju Invoice Management Software

Those of you who often deal with finance or taxation in a company, must be familiar with the term commercial invoice, right?

A commercial invoice is a document or note that is used as proof of a sale and purchase transaction of goods. Apart from that, commercial invoices can be used as a basis for calculating taxes or what is usually referred to as a tax invoice. In practice, the use of commercial invoices has now shifted to an electronic system or what is commonly known as e-Invoice.

In Mauju Invoice Management Software, you can enjoy various functions that are felt when managing tax invoices, such as online invoice creation, transaction options with Final Income Tax (0.5%), integration of Periodic SPT e-Filing, validation of NPWP against transactions, data import by scanning a QR code, to personalizing commercial invoices.

In this article, we will discuss further personalizing commercial invoices in Mauju Invoice Management Software according to your requests such as adding a logo to arranging a format to suit your needs.

So, what are the steps you have to take to enjoy this feature?

How to Personalize Commercial Invoices in Mauju Invoice Management Software

1) log in to the Mauju Invoice Management Software page. If you are not yet registered as a user, please go to the site

2) After entering the home page, click the “Settings” menu in the form of a gear symbol in the top right corner.

3) Select “Transaction Settings”

4) In this menu, there is more than one setting option. Click “Commercial Invoice” to make changes to the format of your commercial invoice.

5) Click “Change” to fill in the details you want.

6) Fill in the available columns according to the information you have.

– Click “Automatic Invoice Numbering” to activate this feature.

– “Prefix” is a series of prefixes in commercial invoice numbering. Some provisions that you must pay attention to when numbering commercial invoices include:

  • {YYYY} states the 4-digit year. Example: 2020
  • YY states the 2-digit year. Example: 20
  • {MM} states the 2-digit month. Example: 02
  • M says 1 digit month. Example: 2
  • M_ROMAN states the months in Roman numerals. Example: II
  • {XXXXX} states the number that will be displayed automatically. X represents the number of digits to be displayed.
  • Separator punctuation can be adjusted (/ or -)
  • Example of commercial invoice numbering format: INV/{{YYYY)/{M_ROMAN}/{XXXXX} –> INV/ 2020/II/00002

– You can also fill in the “Notes” and “Footnotes” which will appear when you print the .pdf commercial invoice.

– Upload a company logo to be included in commercial invoices. Upload a logo according to the conditions stated.

7) After you have finished filling in all the columns according to your application, select “Save”.

Finished! You have succeeded in personalizing the commercial invoice to match the company style/format.

How do you personalize or make changes to the company information that will be displayed on commercial invoices or tax invoices? You can go to the “Settings” menu, then select “Tax Settings”.

Then, select “Taxpayer Profile” to fill in and make changes to the company’s tax profile. Follow the steps provided.

These are several steps to personalize commercial invoices according to your company’s needs. Of course, not only does it personalize commercial invoices, but there are many other features that you can enjoy by using the Mauju Invoice Management Software business and tax transaction management application. Find out more about Mauju Invoice Management Software here.