How To Respond To A Personal Injury In A Shopping Mall? 

Beautiful woman with broken arm inside of a shopping center

When you are visiting a shopping mall for any reason, you are entering a public property which should ensure that you come out of it safely. Every shopping mall owner or manager should ensure that everyone visiting their facility is protected from injuries, theft, or any other type of inconvenience. 

However, during shopping, if you either slip and fall because of slippery floors, or you face an injury while using the stairs or elevator, you have some legal rights. Here is what you should do when you face any injury in a shopping mall.

  1. Know Your Rights

When you face a serious injury in a shopping mall after being a part of an accident that was caused by someone’s negligence, you have some legal rights according to personal injury law. Every experienced lawyer from a personal injury firm wants you to know your legal rights. 

Make sure that you are familiar with your legal rights in this situation, such as fair compensation for your loss and suffering. You should take immediate action to get your rights. 

  1. Report The Accident Immediately 

You should make sure that you report the accident immediately to the concerned authorities. You should make sure that you take immediate action as delaying matters will only make your case weaker. 

You should report the accident to the mall manager present on site. You should make sure that you record the initial report and response from the responsible authorities. Timely reporting is crucial as delay might jeopardize your legal rights in the situation. 

  1. Seek Medical Attention

You should make sure that you get your injuries checked by a professional doctor. Whether it was a mental trauma or a physical injury, make sure that you get a doctor’s report. 


A complete medical checkup will ensure that your legal rights are protected. A medical report including your doctor’s reports,  medication, and treatment process shows the intensity of the injury and it can help you build a stronger case. 

  1. Ensure Proper Documentation 

You should make sure that you are documenting the whole process to every detail. You should keep all the records safe and secure to ensure that they can be used in court if you proceed with a lawsuit. 

Make sure that you document the site of the accident and find possible reasons for the accident. You should also keep your medical record, medical bills, and other relevant information safe. 

  1. Hire Legal Help

You should not pursue the case without legal help from a personal injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer understands the needs of the client, therefore, they will make sure that your legal rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Your lawyer should provide you with expert advice to move forward with the case. They can help you get an estimate for fair compensation to be expected from the at-fault party. Moreover, your lawyer will provide you with the legal advice required during the mediation or settlement process.